Brady & Andrew celebrate in style with Black River Caviar

Andrew Zimmern – Highlights from Cochon 555 Chef’s Course Dinner

Andrew Zimmern posted some backstage photos with Black River Caviar at the Cochon 555 Chef’s Course Dinner in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Looks like they had a great time!

“The Cochon 555 weekend takeover kicked off with a Chef’s Course Dinner at Spoon and Stable last Friday—a seated five-course meal prepared by host chef Gavin Kaysen, Steven Brown, Erik Anderson, Doug Flicker, Diane Yang and yours truly. An amazing group of local chefs that have made this city’s food scene what it is today.”

You can see the post on Andrew’s site here:


Travel + Leisure Blog: Finding the Best Sustainable Caviar

Black River Caviar made the list for Travel + Leisure’s “finding the best sustainable caviar”!

It used to be that great caviar came only from Russia and Iran—but other parts of the world are catching up. Eat these sustainably farmed varieties in situ, or purchase some for a perfect holiday gift.

Type: Black River Sturgeon Uruguayan osetra
Tasting Notes: Nutty and silky, with a long, rich finish and a glossy sheen.
Enjoy It Locally: Punta del Este’s La Bourgogne (Avda. del Mar and Pedragosa Sierra; 598-42/482-007) pairs osetra with blinis, brioche toasts, and lemony crème fraîche.
See the complete list here:

Read more about our sustainable caviar farm in our blog post:

“Wild-raised production of caviar. How do we do it?”

Kapalua Wine and Food Festival scenic beach view

Black River Caviar sponsors Kapalua Wine and Food Festival

Black River Caviar is a proud sponsor of the 34th Annual Kapalua Wine and Food Festival.

The Kapalua Wine & Food Festival was established in 1981 by the non-profit Kapalua Wine Society. The Festival was created to educate, initiate and foster the appreciation of fine wines and culinary products, as well as showcase the natural beauty of Kapalua Resort. The Kapalua Wine & Food Festival is one of the oldest festivals of its kind in the nation.In addition, the Kapalua Wine & Food Festival provides local, national and international vendors an opportunity to showcase their products to our guests, including: resort visitors, Hawaii and Mainland residents, state and national media, hoteliers, restaurateurs and industry insiders.

Over the years, the Festival program has grown to incorporate cooking demonstrations, wine and food pairings, winemakers’ dinners, a golf tournament, tennis clinic, the Kapalua wine tour and two major evening galas, the celebrated Grand Tasting with theme-inspired cuisine and wines from around the world and the spectacular Seafood Festival featuring culinary delights from Hawaii’s most prominent Chefs. New wine enthusiasts and veterans alike have been attracted throughout the years to all the Kapalua Wine & Food Festival has to offer.Each year, local and national writers promote our exclusive Festival throughout the world. What makes the Kapalua Wine & Food Festival unique is its intimacy. Guests have several re-occurring opportunities throughout the weekend to mingle with all attending Master Sommeliers, winemakers and chefs. The Festival is also dedicated to obtaining the finest of wines and attracting proclaimed panelists. Attendance is purposely limited to approximately 3,500 guests throughout the four-day Festival in order to maintain the highest quality and attract only an affluent audience. Consumers are able to sample the best wines and interact with prominent industry leaders in one of the most beautiful resort settings in the world.

The objective each year is to continue to position the Kapalua Wine & Food Festival as the most distinguished culinary Festival in the state of Hawaii, and as one of the most respected in the nation. This distinction is achieved by hand-selecting the participating wineries and celebrity chefs and requiring them to showcase only their most reserved vintages and revered products.

Join the fun June 11-14th. Get your tickets here:

Patrón Social Club Tasting Table: Black River Caviar

Patrón Social Club Tasting Table: Black River Caviar

The Patrón Social Club wrote an article about us in their Tasting Table column. We love hearing great reviews about Black River Caviar!

Decades of environmental issues may have toppled Caspian Sea caviar from its pedestal, but let’s face it, those little black pearls are still synonymous with indulgence (especially around the holidays).

That’s why we’re excited about Black River Caviar, which combines the best of both worlds: Russian sturgeon and sustainable aquaculture.

First, the back-story: Toward the end of the 1980s, Uruguayan businessman Walter Alcalde received word from a Russian colleague that research had deemed his South American country perfect for raising caviar-producing sturgeon.

So Alcalde brought equipment, eggs and a sturgeon expert over from Russia, and a decade later, he began harvesting osetra caviar.

His Black River brand now has a strong following among American chefs and connoisseurs.

At home, get inspiration from the recipes on Black River’s website, or follow our favorite (and easiest) ration: one glass of Champagne + one spoonful of caviar (blini optional).


GenConnect Graham Gaspard interview on caviar sustainability

© genConnect wrote about Black River Caviar and posted a video (see above) of an interview with our CEO Graham Gaspard:

When it comes to the future of the caviar industry, sustainability is the name of the game, says Graham Gaspard, CEO and president of Black River Caviar. Oil drilling, pollution, over-fishing — “there are a lot of things going on in the sturgeon habitats that are just making it very, very difficult for sturgeon to survive in the natural world,” Gaspard says. “Farming has really taken off in the last 10 to 15 years.”

Black River Caviar farm in Uruguay was founded by Walter Alcalde in the 1990s.  “He had spent many many years in the Caspian Sea region, working with fishermen,” Gaspard says. “He saw what was happening to the sturgeon habitat there and decided that it was imperative that there needed to be something to keep the sturgeon species going.”

Black River is working on reviving the following populations: Siberian, also known as a Baerii; Gueldenstaedtii, also known as Russian Oscietra; Sevruga; and Beluga, Gaspard says.

“We just recently put beluga in the water,” he says. “That’s been a very interesting process for us because Beluga are predators. We brought in about a half a million fertilized roe. We hatched these fish and they started eating each other. It’s something that we’re really looking hard at trying to get them going. We think the survivors are going to do well. Hopefully, years down the road we will be producing Beluga caviar.”

Most sturgeon species are endangered, Gaspard says.

“Through farming techniques such as Black River, and there’s a number of other ones around the world, we’re keeping these species alive,” he says. “And hopefully the natural world will come back and they can be reintroduced.”

For a description of the different caviar types and varieties Black River Caviar has to offer visit:


Black River Caviar Selects Globe Guard® Cooler Boxes

Black River Caviar Selects Globe Guard® Cooler Boxes

“What does an environmentally conscious importer of caviar do to get their exceptional, delicious product to their customers without using EPS foam coolers? They call Salazar Packaging and together they design a Globe Guard® cooler box that will ship safely and economically and is 100% reusable, recyclable and/or biodegradable if it ends up in a land fill. The nice people at wanted a box that is consistent with their approach to the market and environment, and they found it.

Promoting the Black River Caviar Brand

The client discovered making the change to custom printed, custom size cooler boxes was easier and less expensive than anticipated. The onetime cost of their one-color print plate and the add-on for a one-color print for their four different box sizes was minimal when compared to the cost of specialty labels and the labor to apply them. Every box going out the door has the same consistent quality message about their brand and their process.”

View the page here:

Seabourn cruise line exclusively serves Black River Caviar Ossetra Caviar - Boat

Seabourn cruise line dining

Seabourn cruise line exclusively serves Black River Caviar Ossetra Caviar

“We know that you expect and appreciate fine food and quality ingredients. We know that you also share our dedication to responsible stewardship of natural resources. For that reason, we are especially proud to be able to offer you Black River ossetra sturgeon caviar, which is sustainably produced by a unique wild-farming method that enables our enjoyment without compromising the species’ future.”

View the page here:

cochon555chicago - Fifth anniversary tour wine glasses with flyers

COCHON555 Chicago April 26th

5 chefs, 5 pigs, 5 winemakers. A one-of-a-kind traveling culinary competition to promote sustainable farming of heritage breed pigs

Black River Caviar is a Chef’s Pantry Sponsor of COCHON555 Chicago!

“Cochon 555, the country’s most talked about culinary competition returns to Chicago on April 26, 2015 to celebrate family farms, heritage breed pigs and today’s emerging chef community. This must-do culinary experience features five top chefs in a one-of-a-kind culinary competition featuring over 36 dishes prepared from locally-raised whole heritage breed pigs with endless wine, brews and spirits.”

Get your tickets here:

New York Times Column - Black River Caviar open tin ready to server

New York Times Column – To Indulge: Uruguayan Company Expands Caviar Offerings

Florence Fabricant wrote about Black River Caviar in the New York Times online, March 16 and in the newspaper March 18th:

Credit Dan Neville/The New York Times-

To Indulge: Uruguayan Company Expands Caviar Offerings
The first sturgeon caviar to be farm-raised in Uruguay was baerii, from Siberian sturgeon. The quality of the caviar, from the Rio Negro, was quite good, though baerii (acipenser baerii) does not have the creamy nuttiness, complexity, larger bead and often paler color of genuine osetra (acipenser gueldenstaedtii). The company Black River Caviar, is now producing osetra as well, and excellent examples of both types are available in the United States. The baerii is a bit smaller and firmer than the osetra: Black River Caviar, baerii $99 to $147, osetra $117 to $201 for about an ounce, with lighter colors more expensive. The osetra is temporarily out of stock and will be available next month, I underlined.

Read the column here: