Patrón Social Club Tasting Table: Black River Caviar

Patrón Social Club Tasting Table: Black River Caviar

The Patrón Social Club wrote an article about us in their Tasting Table column. We love hearing great reviews about Black River Caviar!

Decades of environmental issues may have toppled Caspian Sea caviar from its pedestal, but let’s face it, those little black pearls are still synonymous with indulgence (especially around the holidays).

That’s why we’re excited about Black River Caviar, which combines the best of both worlds: Russian sturgeon and sustainable aquaculture.

First, the back-story: Toward the end of the 1980s, Uruguayan businessman Walter Alcalde received word from a Russian colleague that research had deemed his South American country perfect for raising caviar-producing sturgeon.

So Alcalde brought equipment, eggs and a sturgeon expert over from Russia, and a decade later, he began harvesting osetra caviar.

His Black River brand now has a strong following among American chefs and connoisseurs.

At home, get inspiration from the recipes on Black River’s website, or follow our favorite (and easiest) ration: one glass of Champagne + one spoonful of caviar (blini optional).

Author: Caviar Enthusiast