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Can caviar be frozen?

To ensure you can enjoy the best caviar,  do not ever freeze it. Doing so might spoil its texture.

How long can caviar be stored once the can has been opened?

We suggest planning to enjoy your caviar as soon as the can is opened. Otherwise, it should be eaten within three to four days of opening the can.

What kind of roe is known as caviar?

Only roe from sturgeon is known as true caviar.

Are there different types of caviar?

Yes, there are three traditional types of caviar. The rarest but not necessarily the best caviar is Beluga Caviar, which comes from the Beluga sturgeon, followed by Oscietra which comes from only Russian or Iranian sturgeon species, and finally by Sevruga. There are also several species that resemble the Oscietra due to the similarity of the roe size and color but are not Oscietra. We produce Russian Oscietra caviar.

What color is caviar?

Depending on the species, color may range from black to gold, but shades of brown and grey are the most frequently seen.

Is black caviar the most expensive of all?

No, the most expensive caviar is white and derives from the beluga sturgeon.

Are red roe caviar?

No. Only sturgeon roe can be considered caviar. Red roe comes from salmon and sea trout. Also, there is roe from other fish (lumpfish) which are dyed both black and red. All of these are caviar substitutes.

What is the salt level of caviar?

To keep a soft taste and ensure proper preservation of the best caviar, the minimum salt level should be three percent.

Is it possible to make caviar without killing the fish?

Although it is possible, it involves more complications in terms of fish handling and the use of hormones to induce spawning. The quality of the final product is not the same as when killing the fish. Therefore, in an effort to produce the best caviar possible, Black River Caviar does not employ this technique.

How long does it take for a sturgeon to produce caviar?

Depending on the species, a sturgeon could take from five to eight years to produce caviar.

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