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Eat, Drink, Dance. Aspen’s premiere supper club is 7908. It takes its name from the exact elevation of Aspen, a town known for its sophistication and fun, both of which are embodied here.

Created by Roger Wilson, 7908 offers Aspen visitors and residents alike a place to eat, drink and dance, all under one roof. Unlike most Aspen restaurants that close early, 7908 is open for dinner until 10:30 and has a bar menu until 1 AM. If you are looking for a place to eat late and then party, this is it.  Roger’s goal is to offer a place to enjoy life amongst an eclectic group of dynamic, unique, and colorful people.

Modern-day Aspen is concoction of its new era and reaching back towards the past. Long-time locals remember establishments that felt like home and made them remember why they came here in the first place. Those places no longer exist for many of us and that is the reason for 7908 Aspen. Too many of us felt that Aspen’s notorious nightlife was slowly fading away. Sure, there are many great restaurants, but not enough that can entertain for an entire night. 7908 Aspen will not just be a place to eat, drink and dance (although we have all three), it’s a place to have a true Aspen experience, in the manner that many of us remember from a time long-unseen.

Chef Craig Walker’s culinary innovation is on display with Aspen Nachos a signature dish featuring Black River Caviar’s Imperial Oscietra. It’s the perfect starter for an evening of dining or a light snack at the bar.





Instagram: @7908aspen

Chef Craig Walker


Instagram: @chefcraigwalker


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Signature Caviar Dish

Aspen Nachos

Black River Imperial Osetra Caviar, Yukon Chips, Cultured Cream, Egg Seive, Pickled Shallot, Chive (Warm Bilini Available)

Caviar Nachos
(Credit: Craig Turpin/Aspen Daily News)