Caviar Types and Grades

What type of caviar does BRC offer?

Black River caviar is Russian Oscietra sturgeon sustainably produced at our farm on the banks of the pristine waters of the Rio Negro in Uruguay.  The Caspian Sea species we raise is Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii.

Our unique, “wild-raised” farm system is integrated with the free-flowing waters of the Rio Negro that move 50 million gallons of freshwater through the farm’s “raceway” channels daily. Our farm effectively replicates a wild habitat so that our sturgeon can swim in fresh, natural currents throughout their life. This innovative freshwater system completely differentiates Black River from other caviar farms that rely on recycled water.

The quality of roe our sturgeons produce allows our caviar master to use the malossol, or “little salt” method, to enhance its superb flavor.


Russian Oscietra (Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii):

Our caviar naturally varies in size and color depending on the grade, but most importantly all our caviars possess an intensely rich and complex flavor.  On the palate our caviar is pure, clean and fresh with nutty flavors reminiscent of walnuts and a wonderfully creamy finish that lingers in your mouth.

We pride ourselves on consistent perfection and quality at each grade.  The only variance being a natural range in color from dark brown (Tradition grade) to lighter brown with larger egg size (Royale grade), to an even lighter brown / gun-metal grey eggs with hints of caramel/gold showing through and even larger egg size (Imperial grade).

Each year we also produce a very small amount of  Master Selection caviar which is “golden” in color.  This exquisite Master Selection caviar is extremely rare, but is also extremely delicious!

The key factors that contribute to the quality and sustainable nature of our caviar are the pristine Rio Negro environment; strict technical and sanitary controls under which our sturgeon are bred, raised and harvested. Another key distinction comes from our perfected and totally unique “recipe” for making the caviar. These processes plus the high-tech traceability of our fish from the moment they are born until the caviar is enjoyed at the table ensure that our clients experience only the best provenance, purity and quality caviar available.