black pearls

The definition of caviar may sound ordinary when described like this… unfertilized, salt-cured, mature fish eggs from a variety of species of Russian Sturgeon. The experience of caviar, however, is anything but. Welcome to the uncomplicated, unique and gratifying art of curating caviar.

the spectrum

Which is better, dark or light? A simple question, with an unexpected answer. In general… lighter caviar is rare and coveted, bolder in flavor, and the most expensive; while darker caviar is milder, less costly, and more plentiful. When developing your palate, it's often recommended to begin with the darker grades. Caviar is a slow-paced pursuit that should begin with a solid understanding of the milder flavors.

International grading system:

000 Light, Flavorful, Rare
00 Medium
0 Dark, Milder Flavor

define .05?

The difference in size is nearly undetectable to the naked eye. The larger the size, the older the eggs, the bolder the flavor, the more highly prized, and scarce. Once you establish your love for caviar, size is just one of a handful of characteristics that enhances the journey of discovery. How big do you want to go?


love notes

Good caviar delivers a dozen distinct flavors. The taste begins clean and lightly salty like the sweet aroma of the sea. As each egg pops to release its flavors, here are just a few of the notes to watch for. Go slow, taste well, and raise your consciousness with the addictive power of caviar!

malossol masters

The Russian word for light (and perfect) salting is Malossol. A subtle art form balancing the need to preserve and cure precious eggs without overwhelming their exquisite, subtle flavors. Masters hand salt these tender gems delicately, evenly, thoroughly. Knowing intuitively when the perfect balance has been achieved.

a visceral joy

Indulge all of your senses to discover the finest caviar. Open the tin and observe fresh eggs sparkling in the light. Touch them with your fingers and tongue and behold each egg glistening and moist. Firm and easy to separate, never sticky or wet. Press gently to the roof of your mouth and experience the little bursts of flavor.

the mother of
all spoons

A metal spoon, specifically sterling silver, beautiful and tempting as it may be, is no friend of caviar. Silver can react with the organic nature of caviar and impart a metallic taste. A mother of pearl spoon made from the smooth, iridescent shell of an oyster is the ideal way to enjoy caviar. Add one of our artisanal spoons with your next order.

the vessel

Most caviar is sold in round tins that incorporate a special protective food varnish. They range in size from 10-100 grams all the way up to a kilo (1,000 grams). The best tins are made by Desjardin, founded in Paris in 1848, one of the oldest metal packaging companies in France. Black River Caviar proudly uses Desjardin tins.

let the
journey begin

Order a 100 gram tin of Traditional grade caviar and start developing your palate with the finest.