Black River Caviar Mentioned in International Gourmet Food Award Nominations


Whether you are a classically trained French Chef from Burgandy or a self-taught food critic from Los Angeles, you know the fulfillment and enjoyment of indulging in the world’s finest foods. The appreciation of the preparation, skill, science, and art that empower a food or a dish to reach its highest potential are not lost on you. And for that, we thank you.

It’s true that Black River Caviar produces some of the best caviar in the world, but we are always looking to find ways to share our passion, our vision, and our delectable Russian sturgeon oscietra caviar with others. That is why we were so proud and so honored to be identified as a notable product in the lineup of world-class foods offered by a nominee of the 2019 International Gourmet Food Guide awards.

To learn more about Black River Caviar or to order our stunningly delicious river-farmed caviar for yourself, visit us online.

About The Awards

Gourmet Food Guide provides essential resources and information on the best quality products, restaurants, and suppliers of fine foods around the world. The 2019 International Gourmet Food Guide awards include honors for the best restaurant, chef, dish, bar, cocktail, bartender, sommelier, wine, and providore/supplier of fine foods. You can learn more about the competition by visiting the awards page on their website.

About The Providore

Black River Caviar found itself highlighted by one of the nominees for this year’s category of providore/supplier, and we couldn’t be happier to have been a part of the special things that are going on at Gourmet Life in Sydney, Australia. Josh Rea — the owner of this fine establishment — has worked closely with local butchers, fishmongers, world-renowned chefs, and five-star restaurants during his time as a fine-food fanatic in Tasmania and Australia.

As a part of Gourmet Life’s nomination, they sent a sample of their wares to the Gourmet Food Guide, including some of the best caviar they stock — Black River Caviar’s oscietra, produced in Uruguay through a natural river-farming practice unlike any other in the world.

Reviews for all of the products sampled by the judges, including the oscietra caviar from Black River Caviar, will be released on Instagram in the coming week. Please follow @gourmetfoodguide to see what the judges think of our world-class caviar.

About Black River Caviar

Black River Caviar is one of the finest producers of oscietra caviar in the world and has supplied chefs, Michelin-rated restaurants, elite cruise lines, and individuals with refined tastes with stunning caviar presentations for over 20 years.

Our unique river farming projects at the Baygorria Dam emulates true, constant river flow, giving the Acipenser gueldenstaedtii sturgeon — also called Diamond sturgeon or Danube sturgeon — an unparalleled real river feel in which to grow, breed, and spawn.

Our practices are 100 percent sustainable and meet the international requirements of every country we ship to in the world. Like our Russian sturgeon caviar, we truly are one of a kind.

Enjoy The Best Caviar Produced In South America

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