Gift Pure Caviar Joy

It’s the season to celebrate and enjoy time with family and friends.  Gift Black River Caviar and make the celebrations even more memorable by sharing a festive caviar experience in the comfort of your holiday home!

Black River Caviar makes entertaining easy with our curated caviar gifts that combine premium Russian Oscietra caviar with gourmet treats to create unforgettable gatherings and distinctive holiday gifts.

Black River 7x Caviar Club Holiday Joy

Our Black River Trio  is perfect for caviar curious people to discover Oscietra caviar.  A Taste of Caviar gives caviar connoisseurs both Royale and Imperial Oscietra to enjoy with BRC's hand-cut gourmet chips.  The Caviar Classic  is just as it sounds - a choice of caviar with the classic accoutrements of chips, blini, creme fraiche.  And our most popular gift set is the Black River Festive Caviar Spread that includes Cowgirl Creamery’s Mt. Tam and Crème Fraiche, Zingerman’s Herb & Chive cream cheese, Alef Wagyu Bresaola plus smoked sturgeon & Lox.

So many flavors and gourmet pairing choices!  All the gifts come beautifully packaged, plus the caviar arrives cold in either thermal caviar jars or eco-friendly, thermal silicone bags.

Easy & Elegant Black River Favorites:

Try one of our classic caviar combinations or get creative making your own sensational caviar bite.

Caviar Mt Tam

“The Tam Bite” – Mt Tam Cheese on a cracker or simply on its own, then topped with any grade of Black River Caviar.

Salmon Blini Bite

“Perfect Blini Bites” – Go simple with caviar on a blini with crème fraiche, salmon. Or go "classic" with caviar on a blini, chopped egg, minced shallot, chives and capers.

Black River Caviar and Wagyu Bresaola

"Land and Sea” - a slice of Wagyu Bresaola by Alef Sausage adorned with Oscietra caviar. Truly tasty and decadent.

Black River Caviar Zingerman's Cream Cheese

"Caviar Zing” - Layer Zingerman’s Herb Chive Cream Cheese on a rustic flatbread cracker and dot with caviar. Zingerman's has a wonderful tartness that works well with creamy Oscietra.

Pure Black River Caviar Joy

“Pure Caviar Joy” – Open a tin of Black River Caviar and scoop up our caviar’s creamy complexity with a classic mother of pearl spoon.

Black River Caviar Bump

Or...simply treat your palate to a delicious caviar "bump".

Whatever your preference for enjoying Black River Caviar, our gift sets will indulge and delight the special people on your gift list.

Place your holiday gift order today to make the celebrations even merrier!