Weddings Love Caviar

Caviar makes a great wedding experience

Weddings are about celebration, family and friends.

Caviar is about sustainable luxury and culinary sophistication. Together they make a perfect combination. Black River Caviar recently attended the Wedding and Bridal Expo in San Diego to showcase its premium caviar farmed exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere and introduce brides, grooms and wedding planners to the idea of serving caviar at weddings. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. People are genuinely excited about an easy way to make their wedding exciting and memorable.

Black River Caviar is also happy to be able to share some great resources online that feature the trend of serving caviar at weddings including insight into what it means and how to appreciate it.

Wedding Style Magazine says caviar on the menu sends a palpable message to wedding guests: “This is going to be an exceptional event.” As a specialty food, it adds flair to any dish, stimulating and exciting the palate. “There’s something about the sheer simplicity of caviar that just conveys elegance,” says James Benson, executive chef of catering and banquets for the Wynn Las Vegas.

The New York Times describes caviar as a food that makes a visual statement. Couples raised on food television want fresh ideas, exciting dishes, and culinary sophistication. In addition, big-city wedding planners and designers say a new criterion is coming into play: Food has to have a distinctive, if not downright startling, look. It has to grab the eye as much as the palate and should be displayed on something more exciting than standard banquet tableware. If there’s a performance element to the presentation…so much the better. Caviar and caviar dishes are very camera friendly and perfect for the Instagram Generation.

Interested in serving caviar at your wedding?

Black River Caviar can help you plan. Our caviar master will find the perfect way to incorporate Black River Caviar into a spectacular dish or make a splash with a caviar & champagne bar. If you are serious about gourmet food, then caviar should be the cornerstone of your wedding reception.

Black River Caviar is perfect for the main reception dinner or special events; bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, the rehearsal dinner, or a champagne lunch. Any and all can offer a Caviar Bar, caviar gifts or party sets to hit the right note of exclusivity and celebration.

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